Monday, November 28, 2016

What an interesting day I had today.  My first phone call of the day was telling me I had to call a telephone number because I needed to be in front of a magistrate for an issue with the Treasury Department and if I didn’t, I would be arrested.  Wow – what will I tell the kids?

The next call was a gentleman with a heavy accent telling me he was with the US Govment (or something mangled like that) to inform me I had just gotten a Grant from the Govment for $8400 and I did not need to pay taxes on it.  When I asked why I was selected, I was informed I was one of 1500 people that had good behavior – I had not gone bankrupt in the past 60 days and I wasn’t a felon.  Unable to stop myself, I replied “But I just got out of jail last week.  You see I was arrested for pretending to be from the US Government to defraud people.  Did you know you can be arrested for impersonating the Government to defraud people? I didn’t but now I know.”  He hung up on me.

Hopefully, the final call of the day (I am not answering the phone unless I know who it is) was a recording from a company that would put my website on the #1 position of Google.

How do these people think we will fall for this?  Well apparently, it works because people get scammed every day.  But our Clients don’t fall for the quick and easy SEO routine.  They know better. 

We teach our clients what they need to do to be found by the search engines – good old fashioned content as well as a finely tuned, programmed site based on today’s best practices.  For instance, if you had a site that sold bananas and all you kept putting on your online site was apples – you are failing.  If you sell shoes and your content is about shoes – success!

Now let’s give the search engines data that they like.  Data like how long did my customer stay on my site, how many pages did they browse through and did the customer complete the task I wanted them to such as purchase or sign up for a newsletter – this tells the search engines that it was a good user experience.

So how do you get that good user experience?  Your site needs to be presented to the search engines in the best possible light.  No – don’t clean the shelves or sweep the floor.  You need to have an updated design that is easy to use, eye friendly, and well programmed.  If the last time you had any work done on your site was 2011, for example, then you are way overdue.   Let me give you a very quick and easy example:

Let’s say it’s been five years since you bought your last cell phone.  So, what has happened in technology in the last five years – way too much to mention in this blog.  But you probably have a flip phone. 

Kind of scary isn’t it to be last guy to own a flip phone?  What do your friends say – do they include you in talks about technology, do they think you are relevant, do they think the phone still works? 

Now let’s look at the search engines.  Is your site viable?  Are people shopping there?  Do your pages load fast?  How does your site perform on different monitors, tablets, or phone sizes? 

Don’t be the guy with the Flip phone and don’t be the guy that gives out their social security and banking info.  Contact the real people who can help increase your search engine results.  We are there for you and your business!

Watch next week for part 2 where Microsoft really did call!

by: Shawna Seigel

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