Friday, April 22, 2011
Lately I have been asked the question, should we have our blog set as:
My advice, always go with

During my weekly lesson at for my Master Certification, I asked my instructor her opinion and she said agreed that the best SEO's recommend still.

Now let's get into the details.

Many SEO professionals will fight to the death claiming one way is better than the other. Many SEO professionals may even tell you that it doesn't matter.

Look at SEO this way, it is a lot like dieting. You have those that claim you HAVE to get rid of ALL carbs and eat only protein. You have those that claim you HAVE to have carbs in your diet.

We all know what works... eat healthy and exercise.

What works when it comes to blogs?

The right (relevant) content that helps to educate, inform, inspire, or entertain your customers.

What have we seen?

We have seen that blogs that are created on a subdomain do really well at getting their own rankings - quickly.

Let me show you an example.

For the NowWhatProject website we decided to start a Quilting Book Club. We put up a new site that went live on April 17th (5 days ago). Today out of almost 5 million results, the blog (not the website) is on page 1.

These results are not bad for a site that is 5 days old out of almost 5 million rankings!
Let me show you another example:

Look up Yahoo Store Tips - On page 1 you find our blog. On page 2 you find our website. This is the beauty of

There are many other advantages of this method as well but, we let the results speak for themselves.

Again - all of these results are nothing unless you put the right content to the right audience together that is relevant to what they are looking for.

This week over at MarketMotive, we have been talking a LOT about Blogging and the ingredients you need to make it successful. I have been given permission to share a bit of the knowledge with you all starting next week and I will be posting the results of implementing these ideas into the NowWhatProject website.

The training is AMAZING and they have also agreed to let us get some back stage passes to their amazing webinars for you guys! So make sure to watch our blog and newsletters for the information! 

Check out the CLASSIC mistake EVERY store owner makes and I did too!

by: Shawna Seigel

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Monday, April 18, 2011
Today on Ecom Experts we will be discussing how a few small changes on our Now What Project website created 64 sales in the past 17 days.

Remember, this is a site that is only 2 and 1/2 months old and last month we had 57 orders.

I will show and tell you exactly what we did and how those little changes can make a HUGE difference to your bottom line.

You can listen live, chat with friends, and ask questions at 6:00 PM Eastern by going to:


Did you check out our bi-monthly newsletter that came out on Friday. Good stuff!

by: Shawna Seigel

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Friday, April 15, 2011
As some of you know, we have built a brand new store so we can show store owners how to get traffic, sales, and conversions to their stores.

Well, that little store is taking off and is only 10 weeks old.

So far this month we have had 55 (yes Fifty-Five) orders and it has only been two weeks.

How are doing it?

Check out our new bi-monthly newsletter. You will also find:

  • How did the Now What Project get started?
  • Is blogging really worth the effort?
  • Does a blog help boost your rankings?
  • Selling products start with passion.
  • and much much more!

You can view our newsletter by going to:

While you are there, check out all of our new Facebook Groups aimed at helping stores increase their sales!


Shawna Seigel
1 Choice 4 Your Store


I "think" all of the video site reviews are done but, I could be completely wrong :) If you want a site review or did not receive yours, here a new form to fill out.

by: Shawna Seigel

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Last night on Ecom Experts, we discussed the 10 Most Important Questions About Blogging. You can listen to the replay below.

Before you do, I started the show discussing the Now What Project website we built to help show store owners... Now What?

You see, many new store owners open their website and expect that they are automatically going to get sales and traffic. They don't realize that it takes a lot of work to build their store.

It's like riding a bike. If you sit on your bike and don't move... nothing will happen.

If you get on your bike and start peddling until you can't peddle anymore.... you are going to travel the world!

So we opened a brand new quilt store February 1st. It is a very small store that only carried 50 items in the beginning. All of our traffic has come from social media or natural rankings from the search engines. We have made CLASSIC mistakes that many store owners make so we can show how those mistakes can affect sales.

For instance, right now our Cross Sells are broken. Have they always been broken? No. We just broke it. How will this affect our conversion rates? What will happen when we fix the problem? How will this effect conversion rates?

Finding these answers helps you to understand why you need to be testing your website in a regular basis. You could have a problem right now that you didn't even know about.

Oh and one more thing, not one single customer has told us it is broken.

We broke our related items first thinking someone would tell us. Nope.

Then we broke our cross-sells.

See the image above? You would think ONE person would tell us our website is broke.

Not one.

So let's leave it broke a little longer and see how sales change when we fix the problem. That is what the Now What Project is all about :)

Now what happens when we do this...

It is so much fun!!

Ok so back to the point (sorry).

Should you be blogging?


Look at our sales since we opened this little business.

We opened "officially" February 1st. Since then we have had over $4300 in sales and 77 orders. We have sold 431 items and the average order value has been over $50. Our free shipping begins at $50 by the way. Not bad for a website only 9 weeks old.

So how did we do it??

By peddling our asses off and especially on our blog.

Are you convinced that blogging IS worth the effort?

Here is what you need to do:

1. Watch this video showing you how to set up your blog to your Yahoo Store

2. Listen to our radio show from last night for more information on how to blog to increase your sales and traffic.

Air Date: April 5, 2011

Shawna gives us the 10 Most Important Questions About Blogging with Paul O’ Brien . They discuss if a blog really help you be found online? Is blogging considered social media, what the heck do you blog about, what platform should you be using and what are the 3 best SEO practices for your blog?


If you need any help with setting up your blog or want the design to match your store like we have done with the now what store, give us a call and we will get you hooked up :)

by: Shawna Seigel

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Monday, April 04, 2011
I am always talking about the importance of blogging and even more so since I have started the Now What Project website.

I have been able to use the blog to connect with customers, increase page views, and rank for keyword phrases in the search engines.

In fact, our store that has only been open 9 weeks has had 72 orders equaling $3974.43 in sales.Yes, you need to be blogging!

Today on Ecom Experts I am interviewing Paul O'Brien at 6:00 PM Eastern and here are 5 out of 10 of the most important questions we are asking:
  • Can a blog really help you be found online?
  • Is blogging considered social media?
  • What the heck do you blog about?
  • What platform should you be using?
  • What the 3 best SEO practices for your blog?
You can join us live and chat with friends at 6:00 PM Eastern by going to:

Check out how our blog helped the Now What Project website search rankings.

by: Shawna Seigel

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