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Friday, March 11, 2011
Today I log into the 1 Choice 4 Quilting website. This is a brand new website that we are using for the Now What Project. The Now What Project takes store owners through a step-by-step process to teach what to do after opening their store. The project also shows common mistakes, the consequences, how to correct those mistakes, and the outcome of the changes. Website coming next week :)

So anyway, today I see something and get all excited!! I had forgotten about this tool!

"Keyword Finder identifies and ranks search terms that have referred customers to your product pages, as well as search terms that have converted into sales. It also creates additional keywords based on your product names. Knowing what search terms drive traffic and sales can help you get the most from ad campaigns, so you can increase your store's referrals and revenue."

Cool! Now let's see what this thing can do :)

"The list of keywords created for your store ranks search terms as they apply to your conversions, referrals and product names. Conversions are search terms used in search engines that have resulted in an order from your store, while referrals are search terms used in search engines that have resulted in customers viewing your product pages. Keywords that have converted into orders from your store are ranked highest, followed by keywords that have referred visitors. Additional keywords are suggested based on your product names. View and download the entire list of keywords, or set filters to include only featured products, exclude high search volume keywords, or both."

Oh what wonderful information we have at our finger tips! I am totally loving Keyword Finder!
For instance, you may think that nothing stands out here. Everything looks normal, right?

Wrong! We have HUGE Problems here!

Let's dive in deeper!

Look at #3. Six customers searched specifically for "lily & will moda green collection."

Six customers were taken to one product instead. Six customers left the website without purchasing.

This would be like you looking up how to make cookies and landing on a page about sugar. Yes, it is relevant but is it really what you wanted? What about the flour, butter, or eggs? What about the actual recipe? Wouldn't I be better off landing on a page that has the entire collection so my customer can choose which one they would like to purchase?

Look at #9. Three customers were looking for Moda Scrapbags and landing on the Luna Notte Scrap Bag page. Three customers left the website without purchasing.

This would be like you looking up jeans and landing on Levi 501 Jeans for men. What if I am a woman, a child, or not even interested in Levi's? Wouldn't I be better off landing on a page that has all of the different types of scrap bags so my customer can choose which one they would like to have?

Our customers asked us for something very specific and we did not give them what they asked for.

Now look at #1. This customer wanted buttercup jelly rolls, was taken to the buttercup jelly rolls page, and purchased a buttercup jelly roll.

The customer asked for something and we provided the answer.

Now, these numbers are not going to be exact. Nothing that you look at will be exact. Google analytics, Yahoo Analytics, and even this Keyword Finder Tool is simply going to show you trends. So look at the trends and make informed decisions.

Stay tuned... next week we will discover why the search engines are taking our customers to the wrong landing pages.

by: Shawna Seigel

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