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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
If you have spent any amount of time near me, you know that I  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE education.

Education is powerful.
  • Education helped me get out of a bad marriage
  • Education helped me build my first Yahoo Store.
  • Education helped me expand my Yahoo Store.
  • Education helped me build 1 Choice so that I could help other people.
Yes, education is powerful.

When I first started online, there really wasn't much out there for education. You could read books, blogs, and forums. Then you would try to piece together the information. It was difficult. I remember feeling so very alone in the big bad web world. You couldn't even share your real name with people. I was just a girl known as calif_fem.

Today, thank god, the web has an entirely different story. Today, there is plenty of education available for those that want to learn.

For instance, Market Motive has an AMAZING set of classes. You can learn about:
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion
  • Fundamentals
  • Online PR
The instructors are the top experts in the industry. Todd Malicoat, Matt Bailey, David Szetela, Jennifer Laycock, John Marshall, Avinash, Kaushik, Greg Jarboe, Michael Stebbins, and Bryan Eisenberg (he is one of my fave authors for learning about conversions) .

What I really like about Market Motive though, is that you can choose to get Certification with a Faculty Led Course or do a self study program. The self study program is $299 a month and DEFINITELY worth the price when you think about everything you will be learning.

Let me explain in more detail with a direct quote from their website:
"The Fundamentals course spans the entire range of Internet marketing topics and disciplines, including modules in SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Online PR, PPC, and Email marketing."

WOW. Now that is cool.

So anyway, I highly recommend you check them out. You aren't going to find this type of education ANYWHERE else.

Besides, when your friends ask what you do... and they just don't "get" what it means to run an online store, you can show them a pretty certificate instead *laughing*

**Please Note** The thoughts and views expressed in this post are my own and I promise you that I am not being paid by Market Motive to write this post. We do not get any money if you sign up either. I just really like this group of folks. They donated TWO $3500 courses to our New Life Event and they also visit our Ecom Experts Radio Show and provide our listeners with awesome advice.

I tell people about Market Motive classes because the courses and the people... well... they rock!

And because I love education.


Education is POWER

by: Shawna Seigel

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