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Thursday, April 08, 2010
Just when I think I KNOW without a doubt what is going to happen, I learn how wrong I am.

I love the show Dancing With the Stars. I can’t wait for the new seasons to start.

This season started out with a bang 3 weeks ago. We have the very adorable bachelor Jake, the sexy Pamela Anderson, the not so nice Shannon Doherty, the American hero Buzz Aldrin, and the oh so very… she is killing me… not so talented… wow she can be a real Bit…  Kate Gosselin. Remember Kate? She is the other half of Kate and Jon Plus 8.

I thought 100% for sure she would be voted off the show immediately. 

Her dancing… could not even be considered dancing. It is more like walking. Her routine… is more like a half routine since she forgets the other half. Watch the expressions on her face while she dances and you will be laughing for weeks. She easily wins the award for worst female dancer ever on the show. I know I am being harsh but, wow it is really bad. I know she is going to be one of the first few people voted off.

The first week of voting, she wasn’t in the bottom two.  Pamela Anderson almost went home and I thought she did a GREAT job! Shannon Doherty actually went home that night and she was improving.

The second week of voting, Kate wasn’t in the bottom two again! What??!! Our adorable bachelor Jake and our American hero Buzz might be going home before Kate?

How is this possible?

I thought for sure she would be gone or at least close to being gone.

It just goes to show:
  • What we want is not what everyone else wants.
  • What we think is best, is not what everyone else thinks is best.
  • We can’t make decisions based upon what we think we know.
Thank god we have analytics that show us what our customers want. Thank god we have keyword research that shows us what our customers are searching for. Thank god we have tools and research that show us exactly what we need to know instead of guessing.

I started thinking about analytics and Dancing with the Stars. This really got my brain going in overdrive.

Imagine if Dancing with the Stars could hook up their own analytics to everyone’s DVR. They would know which cast members were hot and which were not. They would know which celebrities I choose to skim through and which celebrities I HAVE TO WATCH!

What could they do with all this insight?
  • They would know which contestants to promote before each show. 
  • They would know which contestants to put towards the end of the show.
  • Everyone watching live will stay until the very last minute because their favorites are at the end.
Couldn’t they get this information from the voting numbers?


I am obviously in love with this show but, I don’t vote.  Sometimes I don’t get to watch the show for two weeks after the original air date. That is why I record the show with my DVR.

The voting numbers are not enough. That is why good people go home.

If they had analytics set up for my DVR, they would learn that I skip to my favorites and I just have to watch Kate dance. Yes, she is horrible and I can’t wait to see how bad she is going to screw up the next dance. It is like driving by a car accident. You know you shouldn’t be looking but, curiosity killed the cat and you have to know what happened!

Moral of this long story –

What we think everyone else will want, like, and do… is usually the wrong answer.

The only way to know for sure is to test test test.
  • Use a/b testing. 
  • Use your analytics. 
  • Use your keyword research.
Use all the wonderful tools available to you and learn what does work and not what you think works.


Jimmy Fallon did a tiny little skit that made me laugh so hard. Here is the original video of Kate Gosselin dancing. Below is Jimmy Fallon’s version:

by: Shawna Seigel

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