Friday, April 30, 2010
I see it every day.

Store owners telling their customers not to shop at their website.
  • No phone number for customer service
  • No about us page
  • Check out pages contains security warnings
  • Links to pages that REMOVE them from the store
  • Confusing check out processes
  • Making people register to buy
  • Asking for a customer's first born
So the last one is far fetched but, you get the idea.

We reviewed several different websites on our radio show Ecom Experts this week and could not believe how many websites gave people reasons not to buy from them.

When will store owners learn that their store has to say:
  • Buy here now
  • Shop with confidence
  • This is exactly who I am
  • You can contact me
  • You can trust me
  • Our site is secure
  • We provide value and service
Take a look at your store right now, what is it saying?

Are you a Yahoo Store owner?

Make sure to read this month's newsletter where we review some of the Yahoo Floating Cart Settings that could be sending the wrong message to your customers.

by: Shawna Seigel

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
If you have spent any amount of time near me, you know that I  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE education.

Education is powerful.
  • Education helped me get out of a bad marriage
  • Education helped me build my first Yahoo Store.
  • Education helped me expand my Yahoo Store.
  • Education helped me build 1 Choice so that I could help other people.
Yes, education is powerful.

When I first started online, there really wasn't much out there for education. You could read books, blogs, and forums. Then you would try to piece together the information. It was difficult. I remember feeling so very alone in the big bad web world. You couldn't even share your real name with people. I was just a girl known as calif_fem.

Today, thank god, the web has an entirely different story. Today, there is plenty of education available for those that want to learn.

For instance, Market Motive has an AMAZING set of classes. You can learn about:
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion
  • Fundamentals
  • Online PR
The instructors are the top experts in the industry. Todd Malicoat, Matt Bailey, David Szetela, Jennifer Laycock, John Marshall, Avinash, Kaushik, Greg Jarboe, Michael Stebbins, and Bryan Eisenberg (he is one of my fave authors for learning about conversions) .

What I really like about Market Motive though, is that you can choose to get Certification with a Faculty Led Course or do a self study program. The self study program is $299 a month and DEFINITELY worth the price when you think about everything you will be learning.

Let me explain in more detail with a direct quote from their website:
"The Fundamentals course spans the entire range of Internet marketing topics and disciplines, including modules in SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Online PR, PPC, and Email marketing."

WOW. Now that is cool.

So anyway, I highly recommend you check them out. You aren't going to find this type of education ANYWHERE else.

Besides, when your friends ask what you do... and they just don't "get" what it means to run an online store, you can show them a pretty certificate instead *laughing*

**Please Note** The thoughts and views expressed in this post are my own and I promise you that I am not being paid by Market Motive to write this post. We do not get any money if you sign up either. I just really like this group of folks. They donated TWO $3500 courses to our New Life Event and they also visit our Ecom Experts Radio Show and provide our listeners with awesome advice.

I tell people about Market Motive classes because the courses and the people... well... they rock!

And because I love education.


Education is POWER

by: Shawna Seigel

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Monday, April 26, 2010
It's the last Monday of the month and that means it is YOUR day to get help growing your online store.

Let me show you how it works:
  • Submit your URL and question at

  • We will review your entire website and look for specific problems in regard to SEO, Usability, Landing Page Optimization, and help you to increase conversions.

  • During our live podcast at 6:00 PM Eastern, we will answer your questions and provide you with a quick review of your website.

  • You can listen live to and chat with friends by going to
It really is that easy.

So let's get started by submitting your question to and I will see you at 6:00 PM Eastern!

by: Shawna Seigel

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Friday, April 23, 2010
We really had no idea how much of an impact the New Life Event had on so many people until we attended the Ecommerce Summit last week in Vegas.

So many people came up to us and told us how one weekend of free webinars helped them to grow their business leaps and bounds.


So we wanted to make sure that you mark your calendars right now for the next New Life Event - 30 Webinars in one weekend.

We will kick off on Friday August 6th and continue until Sunday August 8th.

As the date gets closer, we will send out times, speakers, and more information.

In the meantime... mark your calendars and make sure you are registered!

Now if you miss getting free wonderful education, don't worry! We are still going to have our Webinar Wednesday series and I am lining up some amazing speakers.

Once you register for the New Life Event, we will let you know what webinars are coming up. Plus you can keep watching our Agenda page for more information!

I will be in touch soon!


Shawna Fennell

P.S. Have you been thinking about opening a Yahoo Store. Watch for the Open a Yahoo Store in a Weekend Event coming in May!

by: Shawna Seigel

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Today is all about email marketing.

    * How to set up Aweber for Email Marketing
    * How to add the code to your website
    * How to set up a daily, weekly, or monthly deal
    * How to use your new email marketing program to get more traffic and sales!

This is a step by step webinar showing you exactly what you need to know.

Sign up now by going to:

I will see you at 1:00 PM ET

by: Shawna Seigel

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had the pleasure of interviewing Startup Nation's 2009 Winner for Savviest In Social Media - ColderIce!

I finally met him in person last week at the Ecommerce Summit Conference in Las Vegas. His presentation was awesome and we asked him to share the information with our listeners.

You can listen to the full interview below.

In the meantime, let me share with you a few links to get you started:
  1. HootSuite - I have to say I have been a Tweetdeck user for a long time but, after learning all the new tools that HootSuite offers... I may become a converter. You can track, analyze, and review your links. You can schedule tweets for another time. You can search, separate, and organize your friends. It takes 5 different tools I was using and puts them all into one place.

  2. Free Ecommerce Icons - Nice set of Icons that will help you create some wonderful images on your website.

  3. Rapportive - This neat little Firefox add-on is a MUST HAVE for Gmail users!! Instead of showing you worthless Google Ads that don't mean a thing to you... you will now see the sender's photo, social media links, and some of the last Tweets they wrote. WOW! Use this tool to get personal with your customers and keep that customer for life.

  4. Wibiya - This little toolbar is perfect for blogs or websites. You can add translation tools, testimonials, search, twitter, facebook, and many other tools that will help keep your customers interactive with you and your website.

  5. Survey Monkey - Do you know what your customers want? Do you know what your customers need? Why not ask them instead of assuming? With Survey Monkey you can now get input from your customers... for FREE

  6. TubeMogul - Why upload your videos to just YouTube when you can upload your videos to several online websites with one click of a button? TubeMogul will help you save time and help your search engine rankings!

  7. Kampyle - Get honest feedback from your customers that you can use to make your website better. This wonderful feedback form will help you learn what you are doing right... and wrong. 
I hope you enjoy and use these free tools to increase your conversions, your search rankings, and your social media power!

The full interview is below and is definitely a can't miss show!
    Air Date: April 19, 2010

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Monday, April 19, 2010
    Today we have a very fun and exciting guest that everyone knows and loves!

    John Lawson AKA ColderIce joins me for a recap of Ecommerce Summit and tell us why Social Media for Business SUCKS!!

    Guaranteed to make you laugh plus you will learn a few things as well.

    Come join us live and chat with friends at 6:00 PM Eastern by going to:

    Listen Live to WebmasterRadio.FM (New Links)

    Plus, make sure to sign up for an all new webinar this Wednesday showing you step by step how to:

        * Set Up an Email Marketing System for Your Website
        * How to add the code to your website
        * How to use this system to send your customers a daily, weekly, or monthly special

    This webinar WILL help you to increase sales!

    Sign up now by going to:

    I have to get back to work but, I look forward to seeing you today at 6:00 PM ET!

    Don't forget the link to join us live and chat is:

    Listen Live to WebmasterRadio.FM (New Links)


    Shawna Fennell


    Did you know that RIGHT now we have an amazing special on store designs? Buy any package and upgrade to the next level for FREE. Just call Mom (Rene) to get started today - 888-312-7839

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Wednesday, April 14, 2010
    As I mentioned during our radio show Monday, I am now in Vegas for Ecommerce Summit 2010.

    This is a wonderful 2 day conference for store owners and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone!

    Not here with us? No problem!

    The folks over at ECMTA were nice enough to set up live streaming of the main conference room! How cool is that?

    How much does it cost to watch? Nothing but your time.

    So here is how you can watch the Ecommerce Summit from your very own computer.

    First go to:

    You will be asked to put in a password. Use "ECMTA"

    Then make SURE you are watching the live video feed at 3:15 PT (6:15 Eastern). That is when I will be on a panel discussing Website Makeovers - Going from Good to Great!

    I hope you enjoy the next 2 days of education!

    Make sure you are following on twitter as well.

    I have to head to bed now. Talk to you soon!!

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    I am so very excited right now.

    In 8 hours my plane takes off for Las Vegas!

    I will be speaking at Ecommerce Summit and catching up with new/old friends. I can not wait!

    How does my trip mean education for you?

    Join me at 6:00 PM ET

    I will tell you EXACTLY how to be at the conference from your very own computer.

    Yes, you heard me right. If you can't join me in Vegas for this amazing conference, I will show you how to be there in spirit.

    Here are some of the wonderful panels you will be able to watch:

    • A World of Opportunities Selling Globally
    • What Buyers Want Before They Buy From You
    • Managing Your Pay Per Click Campaigns for Success
    • The State of eCommerce
    • and MANY more

    PLUS, you will get to see the panel I am on!!

    We are discussing Website Makeovers - Going from Good to Great and this is a VERY popular discussion.

    Now, if you can make the conference in Vegas... I highly recommend it. $300 for amazing education and lots of fun.

    If there is no way you can make it though, MAKE SURE you join me at 6:00 PM ET by going to:

    I will give you all the details you need PLUS my friends John Lawson AKA @Colderice and Dave White AKA @EbayAndBeyond are joining me for some pre conference education and laughs.

    See you there!!


    Shawna Fennell


    Did you know that RIGHT now we have an amazing special on store designs? Buy any package and upgrade to the next level for FREE. Just call Michael to get started today - 888-312-7839

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Friday, April 09, 2010
    Rob Snell was on our radio show Monday providing some AWESOME advice.

    In this month's newsletter I created a little video with the first 3 tips and they a word...


    You will want to listen to the entire interview!

    So make sure to take a 5 minute break right now and read this month's newsletter by going to:

    Oh and before I forget, I am heading to Vegas on Monday for the Ecommerce Summit. I will be speaking about Website Makeovers - Going from Good To Great. Should be lots of fun!

    If you are going, make sure to let me know so we can meet up!

    Plus, join me Monday at 6pm ET. We are going to do some preconference coverage on Ecom Experts. My friend ColderIce and Dave White from Ebay and Beyond will be joining me. Lots of fun!

    I better start all my running around! I hope you enjoy this bi-monthly short and tiny newsletter :)

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Thursday, April 08, 2010
    Just when I think I KNOW without a doubt what is going to happen, I learn how wrong I am.

    I love the show Dancing With the Stars. I can’t wait for the new seasons to start.

    This season started out with a bang 3 weeks ago. We have the very adorable bachelor Jake, the sexy Pamela Anderson, the not so nice Shannon Doherty, the American hero Buzz Aldrin, and the oh so very… she is killing me… not so talented… wow she can be a real Bit…  Kate Gosselin. Remember Kate? She is the other half of Kate and Jon Plus 8.

    I thought 100% for sure she would be voted off the show immediately. 

    Her dancing… could not even be considered dancing. It is more like walking. Her routine… is more like a half routine since she forgets the other half. Watch the expressions on her face while she dances and you will be laughing for weeks. She easily wins the award for worst female dancer ever on the show. I know I am being harsh but, wow it is really bad. I know she is going to be one of the first few people voted off.

    The first week of voting, she wasn’t in the bottom two.  Pamela Anderson almost went home and I thought she did a GREAT job! Shannon Doherty actually went home that night and she was improving.

    The second week of voting, Kate wasn’t in the bottom two again! What??!! Our adorable bachelor Jake and our American hero Buzz might be going home before Kate?

    How is this possible?

    I thought for sure she would be gone or at least close to being gone.

    It just goes to show:
    • What we want is not what everyone else wants.
    • What we think is best, is not what everyone else thinks is best.
    • We can’t make decisions based upon what we think we know.
    Thank god we have analytics that show us what our customers want. Thank god we have keyword research that shows us what our customers are searching for. Thank god we have tools and research that show us exactly what we need to know instead of guessing.

    I started thinking about analytics and Dancing with the Stars. This really got my brain going in overdrive.

    Imagine if Dancing with the Stars could hook up their own analytics to everyone’s DVR. They would know which cast members were hot and which were not. They would know which celebrities I choose to skim through and which celebrities I HAVE TO WATCH!

    What could they do with all this insight?
    • They would know which contestants to promote before each show. 
    • They would know which contestants to put towards the end of the show.
    • Everyone watching live will stay until the very last minute because their favorites are at the end.
    Couldn’t they get this information from the voting numbers?


    I am obviously in love with this show but, I don’t vote.  Sometimes I don’t get to watch the show for two weeks after the original air date. That is why I record the show with my DVR.

    The voting numbers are not enough. That is why good people go home.

    If they had analytics set up for my DVR, they would learn that I skip to my favorites and I just have to watch Kate dance. Yes, she is horrible and I can’t wait to see how bad she is going to screw up the next dance. It is like driving by a car accident. You know you shouldn’t be looking but, curiosity killed the cat and you have to know what happened!

    Moral of this long story –

    What we think everyone else will want, like, and do… is usually the wrong answer.

    The only way to know for sure is to test test test.
    • Use a/b testing. 
    • Use your analytics. 
    • Use your keyword research.
    Use all the wonderful tools available to you and learn what does work and not what you think works.


    Jimmy Fallon did a tiny little skit that made me laugh so hard. Here is the original video of Kate Gosselin dancing. Below is Jimmy Fallon’s version:

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010
    It can be a little tricky opening a Yahoo Store when nobody is there showing you the ropes.

    That is why I started 1 Choice 4 Your Store. I needed help and I could not find it.

    Once someone shows you, it is SO easy. The light bulb comes on and you fall in love!

    Today is your day to fall in love with Yahoo Stores.

    Today is Webinar Wednesday!

    We will go through all the steps needed to open a Yahoo Store, answer any questions you have, plus give you a 2 month FREE coupon you can use for a new Yahoo Store.

    Join me at 1:00 PM ET by signing up now!

    See you there!

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Monday, April 05, 2010
    Rob Snell is the author of Yahoo Small Business for Dummies, popular conference speaker, and very successful Yahoo Store Owner.

    The man knows his stuff!

    Today at 6:00 PM ET he will be on our radio show Ecom Experts discussing Spring Cleaning for Your Yahoo Store - 7 things you might want to clean or dust off.

    If you don't have a Yahoo Store, don't worry. His tips will apply to you.

    If you don't have an ecommerce site, his tips will apply to you.

    He is THAT good!

    Make sure to join me at 6:00 PM ET. I will be giving away something very cool to all of our buddies in the chat room AND you will get awesome education!

    To listen, chat, and get a free goodie... just go to:

    I will see you at 6:00 PM ET!


    Shawna Fennell


    I am doing a webinar on Wednesday about Opening a Yahoo Store. Very cool stuff and everyone there will get a 2 month coupon to open their own Yahoo Store FREE. Make sure to sign up now!

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Friday, April 02, 2010
    Time and time again we have seen a HUGE increase of sales simply by customizing the look and feel of the Yahoo Store shopping cart.

    Just customizing the keep shopping, send order, and checkout buttons can increase your sales an average of 30%.

    That is HUGE.

    Bring in the design of your store so that it matches up and you increase your sales even higher.

    Add the new floating shopping cart from Yahoo to your site and wow... who knows what kind of increases we will see there. I can't wait to see those numbers!

    As always, I love giving you two different options so here is how you can increase your sales.

    1. For the do-it-yourselfers

    2. For those that want us to take care of it for you, we have some very special offers for you!

    Just make sure you do SOMETHING. Every little change can mean significant changes to your bottom line.

    And don't forget to test test test!


    Shawna Fennell

    P.S. Rob Snell will be joining me Monday on Ecom Experts. He is always fun and provides LOTS of great education! Make sure you join me at 6:00 PM ET at

    by: Shawna Seigel

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    Thursday, April 01, 2010
    Yesterday Yahoo released a major improvement for Yahoo Stores.... FLOATING SHOPPING CARTS!

    Very cool and we were super excited to see this wonderful add-on available for all store owners.

    We have created 3 different videos.

    The first video will take you through the process of setting up your new floating shopping cart.

    The second video will show you how to customize the colors.

    The third video will show you how to add on some extra customization to convert more sales.

    *Please Note* These videos are mostly for store owners with Yahoo Store 3.0. If you have custom templates or using Yahoo Store Editor 2.0, you will install the new cart a little differently.

    We can install the floating shopping cart for you or if you plan on ordering a new redesign of your Yahoo Store... we will customize the shopping cart and floating cart to match your new design. Give us a call toll free for more details at 888-312-7839.

    I hope you enjoy the tutorials and I hope to have another one for you by Monday on how to install the floating cart for stores using Yahoo Store Editor 2.0.

    Setting Up Your Yahoo Store Floating Shopping Cart

    Customizing Your Floating Shopping Cart Part 1

    Customizing Your Floating Shopping Cart Part 2

    by: Shawna Seigel

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