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Monday, February 08, 2010
Last week we informed you of a major decision Google made about their blogging software. Blogger will no longer support FTP.

We also asked that you give us a week to think about where to go from here.

I already knew what the answer would be but, still wanted a week to verify everything.

We are officially moving over to WordPress but, I am not happy about the move. If we wanted to be on WordPress, we would have started our blogs there from the start.

So why WordPress now and why not from the beginning?

Many people swear by WordPress. They think it is the best software for blogging. In some ways, I agree.

**Disclaimer** I am about to go on a tangent -

However, we are creating blogs for ecommerce owners with Yahoo Stores. We are creating an extension of your store that will help you gain traffic, search engine optimization, and connect with your customers. However, your first priority is and will always be your ecommerce website. Your first priority is making sure that your customers are taken care, your products are up to date, your conversions are high, and your ecommerce site kicks butt! The blog is a tool that you use to help you in that process.

Since the blog is secondary, the blog should be:
  • Easy to use
  • Simple and clean
  • Drama free
Here is my problem with WordPress. YOU have to keep updating the software. Why? If you don't update the software, hackers can inject whatever they want into your blog and kill everything you are trying to accomplish.

Now, take a look at all the different releases from WordPress. YOWSER! I have been with Blogger for YEARS! Know how many times I updated the software?


They did it for me so I could concentrate on growing my business. That is what a blog should do for you!!

Guess what else Blogger did for me that WordPress never did? Put my posts in Google in 3 minutes.

Don't believe me? Here are pictures I took just 10 days ago that took 4 minutes.

Average time was 15 minutes but, still... not bad. WordPress users are excited because it takes less than 30 minutes.

What about all them gadgets that WordPress has?

Gadgets are really great. Heck, gadgets can be fun too! Gadgets can also kill your SEO if you're not careful. So when we were building blogs it was all about what was easy, what would get you the best rankings, and what would help you the most!

So it is with great sadness that I say yes, we are moving to WordPress.

Am I happy? No.

Can you tell? Yes.

Hopefully beginning next week we will be assisting you in moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress. We will have 3 different packages available for you depending on how many extras you would like. Yep, WordPress comes with lots of extras.

We are going to make sure your blog is VERY search engine friendly. 

We will be able to move your entire blog over to WordPress so that you do not lose a thing. There are many blog converters available to assist with the process.

We still have plenty of time for this move. The FTP shutdown does not happen until March 26th and we are not going to do anything rushed in a panic. That is how mistakes happen. I guarantee we will have your blog ready to keep on publishing by the deadline.

I will be back with more information soon and hope to have some video tutorials for those do-it-yourselfers as well!

by: Shawna Seigel

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