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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers. You may have heard about them (or heard them) during one of our webinars or radio shows.

The one in the picture, her name is Amber B and she NEVER gets enough attention.

As I sit here writing you this posting, she takes her nose... places it under my arm... and lifts it straight up and onto her head.


I try telling her, "Amber B, Mommy is working now."

I place my hand back on the mouse and the nose lifts it back off again. This continues over and over again until I give her the attention she rightfully deserves.

Imagine if our website could do the same to us.

How often would your website be begging for attention?

Hopefully on a daily basis because search engines are looking to rank websites that have fresh unique content. If you are not updating your website often and giving it the attention it rightfully deserves, the search engines will find another website that is.

Kind of like my dog Amber. If she can't get any attention from me, she runs off and gives those sad pathetic eyes to anyone else that might look at her.

Sure, she will come back sooner or later when I am ready to give her attention. But, where will she go to first when she craves the attention? To the person who she has trained to give her attention on HER time.

The search engines will do the same. They are trained to go back to the websites that give their websites the most attention as well.

For instance:

If Site A updates their website once a month


Site B updates on a daily basis

Then the search engines know that they need to visit Site B more regularly to stay up to date with all the great new stuff.

Here is the problem:

Our websites don't come over, lift our hands off the mouse, and tell us they need attention.

You have to remember to do this on your own. Set reminders, set alerts, do whatever it takes but, add new content to your website today and every day.

Otherwise your website might give you those sad pathetic eyes that my darling Amber B gives to me 50 times a day.

by: Shawna Seigel

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