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Thursday, August 13, 2009
If you missed any of our Twitter updates from SES, you have missed some great information.

So here is a quick recap of information.

BTW... More information will be coming next week so stay tuned for details. Unfortunately haven't had enough time to write the blogs this week. It has been crazy fun and educational here in San Jose!

• Last day of #sessj & the awesome education. Have grabbed up several speakers to talk at the New Live Event http://tinyurl.com/onf2o5

• Missed #ses? check this out! RT @BrentDPayne: Here's a copy of the Twitter presentations http://bit.ly/cm5zx

• Great article from #ses - Tests led to a 15.7% improvement in YouTube visitor registrations http://bit.ly/VfT1M

• RT @aimclear: Cool recap of @chriswinfield #SES session Explosive Viral Marketing: Killer Tactics & Tips http://bit.ly/jU0PK

• RT @BrentDPayne: Agreed! @davesnyder says there are 2 types of social locations. 1. Conversations 2. Info sharing #ses #sessj

• Put your address in the google adwords setting & when local people search for your product/service, your addy shows up #ses

• I do have $50 Ask.com advertising credit for new advertisers! Message me for the coupon code #ses

• Make sure to test your website on Safari! Its gaining usage with the Iphone expansion from @thegrok #ses

• Blur test- Blur out the entire page and you should still be able to see where the call to action on the website is next #ses

• Don’t use the same live support that comes with your service. Take a picture of someone on staff and build customer confidence. #ses

• People WANT to buy from you. Lead them to the buying process from @thegrok #ses

• Every time your visitor expect something and it doesnt happen – You lose your customers confidence and the sale #ses

• If the your fab content isn’t where your customers want it or expect it – Then its not doing its job. #ses

• When you are writing content, follow up with which means.... Make it so simple that a 5 year old can understand. #ses

• Conversion rate 2-5% increase when customers use site search – Put it someplace people can find (header) #ses

• You know the 25 facts about you on facebook? Add those to your about us page to help increase conversion rates #ses

• Why should people buy from you? People are making their buying decision in 7-8 seconds #ses

• AWESOME tool from Google that @avinashkaushik used at #ses - Google Ad Planner http://bit.ly/cycdb

• Look at your assist keywords – These are the broad keywords that help make exact keywords convert #ses

• Use 4Q to gain insight into your customers so you can increase conversion rates http://bit.ly/1aGIrS #ses

• Segment your way out of sadness – Average metrics produce average results from @thegrok #ses

• Google Insights – Use it to learn about your audience and what websites your customers are visiting - Then advertise there! #ses

• You have to validate your opinions. Dont let you opinions cloud your opportunity to make more money TEST TEST TEST #ses

• Optimize match types – Look at your revenue per keyword (broad, exact, or phrase). What brings you the most NET profit? #ses

• Look at “Days to Purchase.” Most purchases do not occur on the first date. #ses

• We tend to think our audience looks same. Even if your website exists for 1 reason, customers come 2 your website for different reasons #ses

• Rule #1 About Search – Don’t Suck – Rules from Kaushik – Love him

• Interesting - People in Poland, Iceland, Spain, and Mexico are the top 4 countries that watch over 20 seconds of video #ses

• 25% of your videos are watched in the first 4 days - You have to keep producing and uploading new videos all the time #ses

• Your will lose 10% of your video audience in 10 seconds - Put your call to action EARLY - #ses

• How are video’s being discovered ? 80.88% of all referred video views come a variegated long tail of mostly blogs #ses

• Mobile Video - From Jan – July YouTube stated 1700% increase. Since Iphone 3GS came out - 400% increase

• Last month alone YouTube accounted for 3.6 billion search queries, 27% of all Google queries WOW - #ses

• YouTube is the #2 search engine being used. You can now bid on keywords and only pay when people watch your videos. #ses

• YouTube Insight is a free tool that analyzes who is watching your videos, how much of your videos are being watched, and keywords #ses

• 97 million american view a streaming clip online – as many as are tuning into any major broadcast #ses

• Create playlists to provide a stickier experience. Playlists are very effective at getting rankings on YouTube. #ses

• KeyWords are important – Use Youtube promoted video keyword suggestion tool #ses

• YouTube Ranking Factors - Keywords are important - But so is ratings, view counts, and frequency #ses

• JetBlue changes their schedule based upon how customers search - The beauty of using analytics #ses

• Persuasive Online Copywriting - A Book by Bryan Eisenberg @thegrok to check out. http://bit.ly/ySkv5

• RT @AdvertisingGeek: People don't search for brands, they search for solutions. #SES

• Execution is not an event - a onetime push toward achieving goals. Rather it is a way of a life. Plan - Measure - Improve @thegrok #ses

• Persuasion is a process not an event @thegrok #ses

• 55% of your customers are leaving after clicking on the 2nd page of your site because we arent focusing on the user experience. #ses

• Dell changed the words Learn More to Help Me Choose on their site and has helped to increase sales by millions. #ses

• Develop continuous improvement process – plan – measure - improve - Always work on improving your marketing #ses @thegrok

• Couldnt come to #ses but still want all the great info? Listen to the podcasts online http://bit.ly/3W7TWb

by: Shawna Seigel

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