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Friday, January 02, 2009

At first, it seemed that EBay sellers were quite happy. They were getting great traffic, great leads, which led to great sales.

Fast-forward and we hear prices going up, harder to sell, and not too happy customers.

Then on December 6th an article called "Mercent CEO Explains eBay Ad Strategy for Volume Retailers" came out explaining why EBay is bringing in the big boys.

Problem: The community that built EBay is not real happy about this move at all.

EBay saw a decline in visitors over the holiday season as well as in sales.

Christopher Lawton
last week stated:

"Mr. Donahoe's most significant move has been to make eBay less of an auction house and more like Amazon, Walmart.com and Sears.com, selling fixed-priced goods, which consumers now prefer for speed and convenience."

Wasn't EBay started to be different then Amazon, Walmart.com and Sears.com?

Also stated:

"Customers are leaving for fixed-priced sites where eBay has less of an edge, and because of continued problems with unscrupulous sellers"

So in other words, they tried to make themselves like the other sites and people are still leaving?

Perhaps EBay needs to get back to the basics. They became who they are today by allowing the "little guy" to get online and sell their products. They kept their pricing levels low so that anyone could sell online.

Now that they are bringing in the big guys, how can the little guys compete?

So people come to me all the time and ask:

Why do you recommend Yahoo Stores?

Because Yahoo does remember the little guy and helps them to become a successful business owner. When they become successful, it does not affect all the new guys and gals just getting started.

I used to be that single mom in her living room trying to sell products to support my two boys and the pricing did not change all the time.

I did not have to pay per product. I could add more inventory for my customers to find and increase my sales. My store could have up to 50,000 products.

How would I know if a product would actually sell until I added it onto my website? I had no clue! Luckily I didn't have to pay to learn.

Speaking of sales, when I sold those products I paid Yahoo a transaction fee of 1-1.5% not 10-15% that EBay charges. MORE PROFIT FOR MEEEEEE!!!

There were so many little differences with the Yahoo Store that made me who I am today.

I hope EBay goes back to remembering who made them what they are today.

by: Shawna Seigel

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