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Monday, June 09, 2008

From Internet Retailer Workshop Advanced Strategies for Marketing Your Retail Web Site

First up, Stefan Pollard from EMail Labs

Branding is important when we send out our messages so that our email is not clicked as “Report as Spam”

Put your brand name in the from area, subject, and first part of your email so the customer knows who the email is coming from.

Top two challenges for emails: Delivery and Rendering.

Spam complaints drive your reputation. Your goal is to generate less than 1 complaint per 1,000 messages sent. Spam includes your consumers clicking the button as “Report as Spam.” Make sure that you provide an unsubscribe button. A customer using the unsubscribe button does not count against you…a report as spam does.

ISPs believe they are under attack, almost 90% of all email received is Spam. Miles Libbey from Yahoo states, “Operationally we define spam as whatever consumers don’t want in their inbox.” Spam is determined by the recipient as unrecognized, unexpected, or unwanted.

You want your customers to have meaningful choice to join your newsletter. They can have choices. They can get your add when they want it or how many times a week or month they want it. They can make their own choices.

The ISPs are looking at your reputation. Such as complaints, messages as unsafe, identified patterns, excessive invalid addresses, domain longevity, are people taking your email out of the bulk mail box.

Knowing who the sender is helps to apply your authentication in the eyes of the ISPs that are giving your email to your customer. Make sure that your contact information is listed for your URL.

The ISPs teach and they watch. Gmail, Yahoo, etc have blogs and attend conferences and will tell you more information on how to get your messages to your customers. They are talking about the banes of deliverability: complaints, bounces, invalid addresses, and spam trap hits.

Mailstream segmentation is important. Define the types of email: transactional or marketing & promotional. This helps you protect the most valuable emails and reduce risk. Just don’t overdo it!

Build your trust through unsubscribes. Just because they unsubscribe, does not mean they have ended the relationship. This provides you an easy method of feedback. Encourage those unsubscribes. It’s better than having them report you as spam

In the email admin center, give them more control and promote unsubscribing!

Learn from those people unsubscribing. Ask them a short question. Make it free form and to get their feedback. Include an update profile button as well on the unsubscribe page.

Thanks Stefan Pollard from EmailLabs! Great speech!

Next up is David Dwek with Trans World Entertainment

Engage your customer! 72% want to receive your company’s promotional email. So how you make sure they want your email. Email is spam if it’s not relevant.

Get the primary address. Use a sweepstakes, offer a coupon, and give them something so that they will open your email quickly. You need to act quickly as well. Develop target welcoming series and target the customer depending on where they came from.

You need to listen to your customers. They listen to your customers when they open their email, when they click their email, and when they purchase from you. Create meaningful customer profiles. Make the date you collect actionable and break sales process into components. The key is to listen to our customers.

Use the right metrics. Clean your list regularly. Send emails when people open them. This can increase your open rate by 10%

Next up Lynnette Montgomery from Graphik Dimensions

Site design for email collection

Email customer purchases 28% more than the average customer. It’s important to focus on your newsletter.

Make sure to send them a welcome email within 24 hours. Only 33% of companies do this.

There is a Spam Filter Check and Spam Scoring. You can put your email through this system and it will tell you what your score is for emails. Check it out on Return Path.

The blacklist alert is an automated program that checks ISP addresses against over 200 Domain names to see if you have been added or removed from. If you get on this list, it is VERY difficult to get off.

Campaign Preview is a great tool to upload your email and it will show you how your email will look across all browsers. Return path also has this tool. All people on the panel stated this is a MUST HAVE.

Mailbox Monitor is a seed list based monitoring tool that will show you metrics on open emails, clicks, list by ISPs, and much more.

Ask customers to add you to their address book. Make sure to add, “Click here if you cant see this email”

Make sure to review your e-list file and review your active and in-active customers. Develop a program for the not active and “We Miss You” campaign and give them a coupon. Do this twice. If they do not respond or click, remove them. That’s right, remove inactive customers.

Subject line testing is very important. The one that did do the best… did not have an offer. It simply said..

We miss you—come back!

Opt in post cards work great and especially with a free gift. 6.6% return rate when used.

If you need more information on adding a newsletter to your Yahoo Store including where to go for a newsletter subscription service that can help you keep track of the numbers we talked about above, you can check out the following page:


by: Shawna Seigel

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