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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In our last article called "Sales
Are Dead - What do I do?
", we talked about original content for your
product descriptions. We learned how to determine how many other sites are using
the same content. From all of the information we learned that unique product
descriptions are needed so that we can get your search engine optimization
working full force and you can hopefully cut back on your advertising budget
during these slow periods.

Most people think OMG I have ??? products. I
can't change all of them. It will take too long.

You're right. This will take a long time to do
it. But how much money will you save each and every month if you correct this
problem? How much money will you save each year?

My very first store was a software store. I was
easily paying $10,000 a month in advertising. Overture, Google, Yahoo Shopping,
Shopping.com, etc etc etc. I was paying over $5.00 a click for certain keywords.
Following the instructions I am going to write below, I was able to cut my
advertising to less then $1,000 per month AND maintained the same volume of
sales. I saw a dramatic increase in profits. Think about it...$9,000 a month for
one year is over $100,000. The ONLY pay per click advertising we did was with
different shopping search engines. Once I optimized my site to get rid of the
huge advertising bill, I was able to hire on employees to "work the store". It
was nice working 8 hours a day instead of 16 *laughing*

I am going to be honest here. Before I started
doing the optimization to my site, I never even considered hiring another
person. I needed to..there was plenty of work to be done and it seemed like I
would never be able to do everything I needed to as well as wanted to get done.
In my mind I kept going back and forth if I could hire someone. What if sales
are slow? How would I pay the employee as well as all of my expenses? If I hire
someone that takes away from my already low profits. I am sure you know what I
am talking about. Making the leap from doing everything yourself to hiring
someone to help you is very difficult. The financial decision is only part of
the equation. But once I brought up my bottom line dramatically with the use of
search engine optimization, the financial part of the equation was over.

So how do you change all of your descriptions
so that you can cut your expenses?

Let me give you a couple of options:

1. You can hire someone overseas for a fairly
inexpensive price to rewrite all of your content. Personally I have found that
the grammar is often incorrect. Which means I am still having to go through all
the products one by one. Google is getting smart and can now look at your page
for spelling errors as well as grammar errors. I like to open up Microsoft Word.
This will check for spelling and grammar errors.

2. You can hire a local college student, work
at home mom, or family member. Most times you will find that you can get a great
hourly rate and this will allow you some control if they are local.

3. Do it yourself. When I suggest to our
customers that they use unique descriptions this is what I tell them:

Start with only doing a small amount each day.
Let's say 5 products each day. This should take you about half a hour each day.
Eventually you will get it done. If you keep saying to yourself well I will do
it all at once, if you are like most people, you won't. You will keep thinking
of ALL those products you have to do. Well I can't do it today because of this.
I can't do it today because of that. 5 a day is not hard at all to get done. It
is half a hour a day or less. This can be achieved on a day to day basis. Make a
commitment to it and your site will get done. You will also find as your start
doing a little by little each day that it becomes easier. So then start doing 10
a day, a section a day (or week), whatever that works for you!

When you are writing your unique content and
need some help on what you should write, think about who, what, when, where,
how, and why.

Who is the product for

What will the product do

When do they need the product

Where does the product go

How does the product work

Why does your customer need this product

So when your sales are slow you must remain
busy. Don't stare at the computer waiting for sales. Get in your site and go to
work. Then when sales pick up in retail again...your site is number 1 with your
unique content.

by: Shawna Seigel

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