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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Every company goes through slow periods...yes every company. Sometimes this happens because they sell seasonal type of products. Sometimes this happens because of holidays. Sometimes this happens because people are worried about spending money. We are seeing alot of this right now in the ecommerce industry as a whole. With the rising prices of gas and the current events going on
overseas....people tend to tighten up the funds.

So what should you do to get through these periods?


Write content!!! - This is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing. Yet so many store owners ignore this detail. They do not have the time when starting their business to write
good solid UNIQUE content. So they use the manufacturers description and call it a day. How many other people also have copied those descriptions? If you get your products from a big company .... you are not the only company to use those descriptions. The search engines do not want to see the same boring text on each and every site. Only a few of those will make it to the top of the search engines. The companies that actually use unique descriptions have a much easier time getting to the top as they offer what those other companies do not....UNIQUE CONTENT. Do not think that duplicate content only applies to you opening 2 stores with the exact same products and descriptions. Duplicate content extends to you and every single other company online using the exact same descriptions.

Would you like an idea of just how many sites there are using the same content?

Take a sentence of the manufactures description and copy this now. Now go to www.google.com and paste the text into the search field. Place quotes around this text and hit enter.

Now my very first store was selling software. HUGE competition. Microsoft Office was always a great seller. So let me do a comparison.

I found the product description for Microsoft Office 2003 Pro by going to:


Now I take the first sentence which is "Office 2003 Editions can help organizations and their employees transform information into impact" and put it into google.

Results 1 - 10 of about 15,700 for "Office 2003 Editions can help organizations and their employees transform information into impact".

Over 15 THOUSAND!!! Thank god I am not in that field anymore *laughing*

Just to make sure. I am going to take the 3rd paragraph and use the first sentence for my search. Maybe that sentence I chose was used for something else.

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 844 for "Streamline communication and collaboration between internal and external team members using the desktop productivity programs that many people rely on every
day". (0.19 seconds)

Hmmm 844 websites are using the exact same description.

Can someone say duplicate content?

Google is your monster that you need to be happy. Almost half of your customers will come from this 1 single search engine. Google makes alot of money on your advertising dollars. How much are they worth? Yeah you helped them to become rich and they want to stay #1 and keep making the big bucks. If their customers searched for something and found the exact same thing over and over and over again....that customer will go on to another search engine to find what they want. Google loses money. So with 844 sites having the exact same content....how many of those will get in the top 10? Out of the 844 sites that we found above...not one came up in the top 10 in my search for Google for Microsoft Office 2003 Pro. Not one. What did come up was 10 unique websites giving me an overview of the product, price comparison for the product, review of the product, etc.

Each of those top 10 results had UNIQUE content.

Does your site??????

I know what you are thinking. I have soooooooo many products and rewriting all of them would take me forever.

To that I ask you.......

1. How much money are you paying in advertising so that you can be on the first page?

2. How much money would you save if you were listed in the top 3?

3. Do you want to continue using the same boring descriptions and throw away your profits. Yes you are throwing away your profits. Let me show you:

a. You make this much in sales each month -

b. From those sales you make this much in profit -

c. During that month you spent this much in Pay Per Click -

So if my answer to A is 100. My answer to B is 20. My answer to C is 10....What a waste of good money.

So now that I have opened your eyes....We should cover what you should do now.

Stay tuned...that comes in part 2!

by: Shawna Seigel

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