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Friday, July 07, 2006

First let us apologize for not keeping up with our blog this last month. Things have been a little hectic lately with the change of URL. Still trying to work out the bugs but getting closer to

The reason I am posting is because FINALLY Yahoo has done an amazing thing that each one of you need to check out immediately!! Google Sitemaps made easy. Can you believe it? I couldn't at first

So the big question is...how did Yahoo make this easier on us? Let me show you!

Too busy to deal with it? Let us do it for you. Order the Google Sitemap Set Up here and in the comments area, give us your log in details for Google. We will also need access to your
site. We will set everything up for you and correct any errors in the Sitemap as well that Google shows.

First let us go to http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/services/ (You may have to sign in)

Now click on Store Manager.

Look at the left side bottom under Promote and you will see Search Engines. Click on it, it won't bite I promise!

Now look about half way down. You should see Create a Sitemap for your store Make sure you click enabled.

Now click Done.

This will take you back to the store manager page. There should now be a red star next to Publish Order Settings. Click on it and follow the directions to get it published. Once done we want to go back to the store manager and go back underneath Promote and click on Search Engines again.

Ok now we have to let Google know about this site map and they want you to verify your site. Now don't worry this is very easy!!!

Go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login

Log in using your Google Adwords account information. Register for new if you do not have one.

We want to add a site. Make sure to add your site url like this:


Do not put in store.MYURL.com or yahoo.store.net/MYNAME

It MUST BE www....

Then you will need to get the file name to be verified from Google, provide the file name to Yahoo! to create the page for Google to verify, and then request verification from Google.

To get the Sitemap Verification file name:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click Verify.
  3. Select Upload an HTML file
    from the Choose a Verification method drop down.

  4. Copy the 22-digit file name provided
    by Google.

Google will check your site for an HTML file with the name they provide as verification of site ownership in the last step.

Now how do you add this .html page that Google wants? Follow these instructions:

Go into your store editor and make sure you are in advanced mode (You know you are in advanced mode when you see 2 lines of buttons. If you see only one line, click the red arrow at the end. This will get you into advanced mode)

Now click on contents. Click New. For the id put in the 22 digit number that Google gives you. DO NOT PUT IN .HTML!!! JUST THE 22 DIGIT NUMBER. For type click item. Now in the name field just put Google Verification page. Now click update. Click on variables and click update (this will make sure Yahoo does a full update of your store). Then publish your site. Once your publishing is completed, your 22 digit html page will be ready to give to Google for verification.

  1. At Google, select the two checkboxes to indicate you have created and can view the HTML file to verify.
  2. Click Verify.

Google will check to ensure you have created the page with the file name provided by them. If Google is unable to find the file, publish your Order Settings again as well as go into your store
editor and click on variables then update, and try to verify the page again.

Now the last step. Go back to:


Log in and click on Sitemaps

Verified should have a check under it (if not, click to verify)

Now click add a site map

You will need to provide the URL that Yahoo gave you for your new Site Map. If you have forgotten, go back to store manager, click on search engines, and you will see the URL about half way down.

It should look like this:


Click on Add General Web

And put in the URL that was given by Yahoo.

You will see pending until Google Verifies all is well.

The great part is that on one Google Account, you can add multiple store URLs. So make sure you add ALL of your stores.

If you have made it all the way, congrats on your new Google Sitemap. Grab a drink, site back, pat yourself on your back, then get back to work *wink*

If you have any problems at all, just shoot us an email and we can try to help you!

Too busy to deal with it? Let us do it for you.

Order the Google Sitemap Set Up here and in the comments area, give us your log in details for Google. We will also need access to your site. We will set everything up for you and correct any errors in that Google shows.

by: Shawna Seigel

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