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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
So did you hear that BMW was actually removed from Google?

"The move was first reported by Google employee Matt Cutts in a posting to his blog on Saturday. He said BMW.de had been removed last week because certain pages on the site would show up one way when the search engine visited the page but when a Web user opened the page, a redirect mechanism would display a completely different page."

You can read the entire article here

We have been saying this for years....Google will catch you! Do not try to deceive the search engines!! It may work for a short time but then you will be removed permanently. It is not worth it. PERIOD

SEO is NOT an overnight story.

SEO takes time.

SEO takes patience.

SEO can not be guaranteed.

There is a company on the net that will call you and say...."Your site is not being indexed because your whatever is all wrong." They even email you this garbage as well. They were banned for their
practices as well as all sites they did work on were banned as well.

This brings up an IMPORTANT point. Do not let just any SEO company work on your site. If they get banned, so are you.

If you are looking for more SEO information, check this out (directly from Google)

  • No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

    Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a
    "special relationship" with Google, or advertise a "priority submit" to
    Google. There is no priority submit for Google.

  • Be careful if a company is secretive or won't clearly explain what they
    intend to do.

    Ask for explanations if something is unclear. If an SEO creates
    deceptive or misleading content on your behalf, such as doorway pages or
    "throwaway" domains, your site could be removed entirely from Google's index.
    Ultimately, you are responsible for the actions of any companies you hire, so
    it's best to be sure you know exactly how they intend to "help" you.

There are a few warning signs that you may be dealing with a rogue SEO. It's far from a comprehensive list, so if you have any doubts, you should trust your instincts. By all means, feel free to walk away if the SEO:

  • owns shadow domains

  • puts links to their other clients on doorway pages

  • offers to sell keywords in the address bar

  • doesn't distinguish between actual search results and ads that appear in
    search results

  • guarantees ranking, but only on obscure, long keyword phrases you would
    get anyway

  • operates with multiple aliases or falsified WHOIS info

  • gets traffic from "fake" search engines, spyware, or scumware

  • has had domains removed from Google's index or is not itself listed in

Read the full information page at Google.

We have been receiving many phone calls lately from customers that are receiving this emails and phone calls from companies "Guaranteeing" results. Next time you talk to them, show them the Google Page and then ask them how do they do this?

You want to be number 1? Let me tell you what is going to get you there.


When you get done with content, write more.

Open your word editor and write complete sentences. Write using correct grammar. Spell check everything.

Who, When, Where, Why, How, What

Give information and in return you will get better results!

Check out Matt Cutt's Blog (a Google Employee with excellent tips!) I found this article that he wrote just a few days ago was amazing and very informative. Check it out


by: Shawna Seigel

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