Friday, July 29, 2005

There are several ways to add a Meta-Tag Description to your Yahoo Store. It
all depends on how your RTML templates are programmed. So how do you know for
sure? Answer the questions below to help you!

1. Have you had any work completed to your RTML Templates (whether by you or
by a RTML Programmer)?

If no, go to step A in the directions. If yes or maybe, go to question #2.

2. Is your store using a custom template for each page?

If no or maybe, go to step A in the directions. If yes go to question #3.

3. Do you know the name of the custom template that your pages are using?

If no or maybe, go to step B in the directions. If yes go go to step C in the


First we need to verify if your web site is using custom templates. The easiest
way to check this is go into your store editor in Advanced Mode. We recommend
updating your site in advanced mode. To change your store configuration to
always enter store editor in Advanced Mode or to change your store into Advanced
Mode for this practice do the following: Click On Controls, Change the default
Editor Mode to Advanced. While you are here make sure Use Java is set to no.
This will help you edit faster in your store. You may also want to change the
settings for Site Buttons to "Every Page" (this will put buttons like
publish on each and every page instead of the home page therefore saving you
time when editing) Click Update. Your store will now be in advanced mode now and
whenever you enter your store editor.


Click on Contents (in the second row). Look next to the index. If there is a
plus sign, click on it. if not, you are ok. Now let's look at the pages in your
store. You will see a list of ids for your sections. Next to the id you will see
the type of page (most of the time item.) Then you will see the template that
each of these pages uses. If the template name is "page." (pay
attention to the period after page) go to step C of the directions. If your
template name is page without a period or anything else, go to step B of the


Your site is using custom templates. Therefore we need to check how your RTML
coding is coded for Meta Tag Descriptions. Remember the name of the custom
template. Now click on templates and find that custom template. This will be
located either in the top of your templates or on the right hand column of your
copies of the Yahoo Store Templates. Once you find the custom template that your
site uses, click on it to open it up.

Now look at the top of this page. We are going to look in between Head and
the TEXT @headtags. Does it say anything about Meta-Description? Does it call
for another template? Such as SEO-headtags or meta-headtags or any other
templates? If you have answered yes, STOP, your site is using a custom variable
for meta-description and you need to check with your programmer.

If there is nothing there but information for Keywords and Title, then go to
Step D of the directions.


Now we need to check if your head-tag variable is being used for any coding.
Click on Variables. Look for the variable called head-tags. If this is empty, go
to step E. If this has text written here we need to determine the type. If this
text is css tags or javascripting, copy the entire variable, open notepad, and
paste in notepad. Make sure to hit cancel now in the variables. This way if you accidentally
added any typing to this variable, it will not effect your site. If this
variable has Meta-Tag information in it (keywords, title, or description) we
want to remove this. When you place meta information in this variable, it
effects every single page of your website. The key to optimizing your meta-tags
is for each page to have a unique meta title, keywords, and meta-tag description
for each page. Also while you are here look at your keyword variable, is this
empty? If not, remove the keywords from the variable. Remember, we do not want
to use those keywords in each and every page of your yahoo store. We want each
page to have unique keywords for each and every page. (We covered previously how
to change the title and keyword variables)

So now we are finally ready to start adding those meta tags!


Go to the page that you want to add meta-tags for. Click Edit. Click Override
Variable. Now choose head-tags. Click Continue and down towards the bottom of
that page, there is a new variable for head-tags for that page only.

Type in the following:

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="

Now write a nice short 2-3 sentences (about 250 characters) of text that this
page and this page only is about. Make sure to use your important
keyword/keyword phrase as well.

Now follow it up with:


If you have a notepad open with css or javscripting, paste it in to this
field AFTER the description on a new line.

Click Update and DONE!

Now go to each page of your store and repeat!

If this is too much work, we have an RTML template solution for you! We can
program your RTML to have unique Title Tags, keyword, and description tags for
each of your pages. Is it that important to have? YES!!! Yahoo announced within
the last year that they ONLY want to list sites in their search engine that have
completed Meta information. So yes yes yes you MUST do this for each and every
page of your site in order to get listed properly.

Our template addition is located at

Order today and use coupon code "meta" for a $50.00 discount. You
can also apply this discount towards any of our RTML packages our Design
Packages that include RTML enhancements.

by: Shawna Seigel

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Friday, July 22, 2005
Just a note to let you know our newest newsletter is out! Check it out at

Also our blog email subscription went down for a bit but seems to be working again!

So what is included in this months newsletter?

More information on our new content and link management programs

*Google Updates Page Rank

*How To Change Your Title Tag In Yahoo Store

*How To Change Your Keywords In Your Yahoo Store

*The SEO Game - Do you play it?

*Why is SEO important for a Yahoo Store?

Also included:

*Yahoo Vice President Observes Outlook of Online Ads

*Google CEO Says New Service Won't Compete with PayPal

*Yahoo, in Bid for eBay Market Share, Cuts Auction Fees

*How To Weather Google Algorithm Changes

*How Do You Turn Customer Experience Into Loyalty?

*Adsense – The Powerful Passive Income Generator

*An Overview Of Pay Per Click Search Engine Fundamentals

*The Pay Per Click Mistakes Of A New Marketer

by: Shawna Seigel

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Monday, July 18, 2005
Looks like Google did a nice little Page Rank Update over the last few days as well as updating back links.

Found a really neat link that let's you know when the last Google Page Rank was updated as well as other important updates Google has completed.

We have recently covered how to work on your Title Tags and Keyword Tags for your Yahoo Store. Stay tuned as we work on adding Meta Tag Descriptions to your pages!

As always there is help! We can automatically optimize all of your pages within your store with an RTML modification

Enter Coupon Code Meta for $50.00 off this service!

by: Shawna Seigel

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Saturday, July 02, 2005
We have 2 new exciting services added that we are quite excited about!

Our first new service is the Blog Content Packages and can be seen at

Google loves fresh new content. With a blog added on to your site, you can keep your site updated more often and at the same time add content to your site relevant to your products. Relevancy and content is the MOST important aspect of your site. If you were going to take a test today on your site, content and relevancy will account for at least 60% of your grade.

Our second new service is the Link Management and Blog Content Packages which can be seen at

Not only do you get the blog for content but links as well! Search engines find your site through links. If your website has no links coming into your site, how do you expect to be found? Think of Link Popularity as a clique in high school. Yes we have to think back to those days. The more friends you have online, the more popular you are. The same is true with links. If your competitor has 100 links pointing to their store and you only have 2, then they must be more popular then you and as such such should come ahead of you in the search engines. Why let them be the popular one?

All articles are published and optimized by us to assist in placing your website in a better position on the search engines for your industry. With this plan your website is updated every week with original, industry relevant articles by us so you can concentrate on your customers and new sales. Your blog is assigned a maintenance technician who will post all articles, optimize and maintain your blog completely for you.

by: Shawna Seigel

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